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Sigur Ros Played Agganis Arena Boston, MA 3.26.13 (Pictures, Setlist, Video)



Ný Batterí
Með Blóðnasir
Olsen Olsen




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Stream New Sigur Ros Album Valtari Today


Iceland’s amazing Sigur Ros will release their first album in four years Valtari on May 29th.  Today via NPR we are able to hear the album in it’s entirety.  Less “poppy” and more “soundscape” is how I describe in my first listen.  This is not a bad thing.  Jonsi and company have reached back to their classic albums () and Ágætis byrjun for inspiration.  It is a beautiful, haunting record that will get lots of spins at DDR HQ.  Check out Valtari via NPR here.

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A Taste of Iceland Comes to Boston–March 1-4, 2012

If your only notions of Iceland include arctic temperatures, people dressed like they’re going to ugly sweater parties, Bjork and fish-based meals that include eating the whole head (and maybe on a dare, the eyes), than you need to attend this fun FREE even in Boston.

“Reykjavik Calling – Free Concert at Paradise Rock Club,” a celebration of music from both the cities of Boston and Reykjavik, will occur on Saturday, March 3rd. Doors open at 8:00pm.

“Reykjavik Calling” features four Boston-area artists paired with four Icelandic counterparts. This collaborative effort results in an evening of never-before-heard  musical partnerships. Presented by 88.9 WERS FM, the free concert will feature performances from the following Iceland/Boston duos:

For more Information, visit Paradise Rock Club at www.thedise.com.

And if that’s not enough, stick around for the 3rd annual Icelandic invasion, “A Taste of Iceland, a multi-day festival of entertainment that offers Bostonians a chance to discover the wonders of Icelandic culture and lifestyle through a series of events in Boston from March 1-4, 2012.”

The Icelandic Menu features guest Chef Hákon Már Örvarsson, Bocuse d’Or, a World Culinary Cup winner, and Chef Matthew Audette from Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks.

PLUS, there is a free-double feature Icelandic Film Festival at the Kendall Square Cinema featuring “Summerland” and “Inni” (the concert film featuring Sigur Ros’ latest album of the same name) on Sunday, March 4; and a day of free skating and skate rentals at the Kendall Square Community Skating Rink. Donations and proceeds from the skating event will benefit Children’s Hospital Boston and the Special Children’s Travel Fund (Saturday, March 3).

For a complete schedule of events visit www.icelandnaturally.com, become a Fan on Facebook and RSVP to the A Taste of Iceland event at www.facebook.com/icelandnaturally and follow @IcelandNatural on Twitter. A Taste of Iceland is presented by Iceland Naturally, in cooperation with Icelandair, Reyka Vodka, 66° North, Blue Lagoon, Icelandic Glacial Water and Visit Iceland, Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks, Kendall Square Cinema, Paradise Rock Club and 88.9 WERS FM.

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Friday Mix Tape – Sigur Ros & Yoga

Today’s Friday Mix Tape is for Yogis.  The music of Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Ros, one of DDR’s favorites, is without question the perfect Yoga soundtrack.  If you are taking an hour out of your day for some “flow,” nothing will complement your time more than this.

Friday Mix Tape 1.20.12 – Sigur Ros

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ALBUM REVIEW – Jonsi – We Bought A Zoo Soundtrack




I’ve never been a huge fan of soundtracks.  I always thought of them as mix matched songs that really don’t go well together.  While they might be really great songs, it never really works as an album like it does in the movie.  However, if you are looking to make your soundtrack a cohesive album, and inspire emotion in your film, look no further then Sigur RosJonsi, the lead singer from the band, has just teamed up with Cameron Crowe and his new Matt Damon film We Bought A Zoo to create a great blend of everything we love about Sigur Ros and bring it to the big screen.  This is not new for Crowe, as Sigur Ros songs were used predominately in the 2000 film Vanilla Sky.   Here, Jonsi uses songs from last year’s excellent album Go, along with 11 new compositions.  While I have not seen the movie yet, I can see why Crowe asked Jonsi to be involved in this.  Sigur Ros has always been what I call “Soundtrack Music” and if every movie contained Sigur Ros tracks, Hollywood might actually stop churning out crap and use other mediums available to make their movies better.  With Jonsi on board, “We Bought A Zoo” has major potential.  Crowe has always understood the importance of music in film (see Singles, Almost Famous, Say Anything, Pearl Jam Twenty) so there is no surprise here that Jonsi is involved in Crowe’s new film.  I actually might go see it now.


Ævin Endar

Gathering Stones

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Thursday’s Kick Ass Drivetime Tunes

What’s going on today’s tunes?  Well, especially in Boston, everybody needs a little sanctuary.  Enjoy:


Sigur Ros – Fljotavik

The Moldy Peaches – Anyone Else But You

Grant Lee Buffalo – Everybody Needs a Little Sanctuary:

Dire Straits – Tunnel of Love

Whiskeytown – Jacksonville Skyline

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Sigur Ros “Inni” Concert Film Tonight in Boston

Icelandic Post-Rockers Sigur Ros have released their new concert film/CD this week entitled Inni.  Recorded in 2008 in London, the tracks on Inni are comprised from all 5 of their studio albums and really show how amazing their atmospheric songs are live.  DDR’s has had a sneak peak of the album and it is fantastic for sure.  The film is being shown throughout the world in select locations, but we are lucky enough to have Boston on that list.  The film will be shown tonight in the Remis Auditorium at the Museum of Fine Arts.  Tickets are sold out, but you know DDR will be there.  For those not able to go, check out the track “Festival” from Inni below via the Sigur Ros website:


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