Kathleen Edwards Played the Narrows Center for the Arts Fall River, MA 10.20.12 (Pictures, Setlist)



Very few people can make a joke about a bag of pita chips being used as a percussive instrument. But the feisty and witty Kathleen Edwards was able to do just that–while entertaining the crowd with a selection of songs from her 4-album catalog (most of them were culled from her most recent album, “Voyager”). And this time around, she was not suffering from the vocal chord fatigue that she battled with on her last visit to Massachusetts. For this tour, Edwards is joined by guitarists Jim Bryson and Gord Tough; the trio set-up allows them to explore a more intimate sound. Sipping her token glass of whiskey, Edwards played masterfully and even double fisted with a violin and guitar on “Good Night California.”

Surrounded by adoring fans sitting on the venue’s signature church pew seats, Edwards showed why she truly is Canada’s “flower.” Towards the end of her set, she debuted an unreleased song, “My Brave Face,” a very intimate, soul-bearing song about the end of her marriage, which, she bravely said, has led to asking herself some “very hard questions.” The accomplished musician may have endured some difficult times in her personal life, but the combination of her inner strength and amazing lyric-writing skills has allowed for the blossoms of some of the best music found in today’s music scene.

The night was culminated with Edwards and her merry men standing atop a table amidst the crowd during “Side Car.” And, as if the night couldn’t possibly get any better, the encore (which included a cover of The Flaming Lips’ song, “Feeling Yourself Disintegrate”) had the crowd on its feet. So go out and buy yourself a Kathleen Edwards’ album, eh?

Set list:

Asking For Flowers
Empty Threat
House Full of Empty Rooms
In State
Good Night California
Hockey Skates
Going to Hell
My Brave Face
Somewhere Else
Six o’clock News
A Soft Place to Land
Change the Sheets

Feeling Yourself Disintegrate (Flaming Lips cover)
Back To Me

*Ms. Edwards was so down to earth–she stayed after the show to talk to fans! We got our picture taken with this Canadian beauty and it made our musical year!




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