Support Local Indie Music Stores

Independent music stores may very well be the dinosaurs of our digital age.  But when you come across a hidden gem like the Scituate Music Shop, you feel like Indian Jones (a la the 80’s flicks–I’m not a huge Shia LeBouef fan). A veritable museum of gems awaits you inside–rare guitars, fake books piled high to the sky, amps and speakers (from mini to maxi), old collectibles and rare CDs and tapes–you name it. And the owner (he resembles a pirate eying you skeptically as you walk delicately amidst the treasures inside) looks as rare and priceless as his store. Surely, the locals here know that their town is lucky to be home to this magical musical maven.  So if you’re craving to see what a real music store looks like, head on down Route 3 to Scituate. But plan for extra time because of the inevitable traffic–and you’ll want to stay a while to peruse this incredible collection.


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