Superhero Yoga?

With the wrapping of Comic Con in NYC, we were thinking: wouldn’t it be cool to see more superheroes use the powers of yoga to defeat evil? (hint, hint: Marvel) And while we were pondering this, we came across a pretty cool post (from 2009) about the mention of yoga breathing in a Daredevil comic (see image above) by the blog, The Other Murdock Papers.  

*Note the wise commentary–could the blogger himself be doing Half Pigeon while he wrote this?*

Meanwhile, in the concrete world of men and might, Russell Crowe (who is set to appear in “Men of Steel”) admits that he has been using the power of yoga to get through tough times–like the recent break-up of his marriage.  Best of luck to the Gladiator.  May we suggest a little Locust pose to allow for the release of toxins?

And, if you haven’t checked out the beautiful art work of Rob Osbourne, get your butt over to Etsy and prepare to be launched right into Svasana by the sheer beauty of his artwork (George Lucas yoga, Superhero yoga and Robot yoga, to name a few).


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