New Cody ChestnuTT Album Has Him Channeling Al Green & “Kickstarting” His Album

A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away…

Ok, it was 2002 and I lived in NYC.  Cody ChestnuTT had just released his debut home-recorded double album, “The Headphone Masterpiece.” And it blew my mind.  I could not get over the rawness of the approach, the passion in his voice and the pure musical instincts of a man who played his heart out while sitting in his PJs in some closet-sized apartment in NYC. If you haven’t heard it, grab your headphones and grab a listen. (Note: it really is appreciated best while wearing headphones, as if you didn’t get the hint from its title.)

ChestnuTT is back–and he’s busking for dollars on the Kickstarter web site to fund the album.  And this time, ChestnuTT has really polished his bedroom slippers.  It’s a slick album (but not too shiny–there’s still that signature Cody raw edge to it) that hints of long-lost greats like Al Green with a little 70s-era (is there really any other worth noting?) Stevie Wonder sprinkled on top (you can just picture the Zoot suits, scarves, back-up singers and horns when you hear it). ChestnuTT, who is know for giving his all, really blows his load all over this album. And the Name-In-Lights production value give it all that much more potency.  We wouldn’t expect anything less from the man who once sang:

“I push my seed in her push for life
Its gonna work because I’m pushin’ it right
If Mary drops my baby girl tonight
I would name her Rock-N-Roll”

ChestnuTT is a geyser just waiting to burst. And you want to get as close as you can so you can feel the heat while the intensity rumbles from the speakers.  You can hear a song from ChestnuTT’s upcoming album, “Landing on a Hundred” (due out in October) on (of course) NPR’s Fall Music Preview.


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