Win A Chance to Introduce Henry Rollins in 2013!


If you’re dying to fist pump Henry Rollins (or maybe he’ll give you an old-fashioned bear hug a la that Florida pizza shop owner who gave Obama the mozzarella squeeze), you need to enter the Association of College and Research Libraries’ video contest. Plus, it will prove to naysayers that Rollins isn’t just a person who would just pound his head into a pile of books if he were in a library–because if you’ve heard his hilarious spoken word tour (which is still going strong), you know he’d read them before head-butting a stack of encyclopedias! All you have to do is put your love of all things Rollins–punk, spoken word, political awareness, tattoos, taboo topics–into a YouTube video submission. Good luck!

“My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.” – Henry Rollins


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