Horror Movie or Kids’ Yoga Program? You Decide


OMG.  If I had seen this show when I was a kid, I was have had worse nightmares than I had after I watched “The Wiz.”  Talk about an acid trip!  From the rastafarian chicken to the host (love those stonewashed skinny jeans!) to the creepy OM-ing cow, this kids’ yoga class set on a farm is scary stuff.  And it’s just in time for horror movie season.  What a great find, thanks to ruinedchildhood.com.  I can’t wait to wake up with nights sweats after seeing this.  I’m sure I’ll dream of some creepy, uber-flexible yoga kids wearing colorful spandex as they practice Mountain Pose at the foot of my bed.  Someone call Wes Craven because I think I’ve found the answer to his latest casting call.  Just make sure you turn down the volume towards the end of the video when the kids all screech out their loudest versions of Lion Pose.  As the show’s 70’s-living host, Yogi Oki-Doki says, “Don’t forget to breathe!”


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