DDR’s Labor Day Fun: SUP Yoga


I’ve been dying to try SUP (stand–up paddle board) yoga, so when I decided to make it a long(Eric) Labor Day weekend, it seemed like the perfect time to break my SUP Yoga cherry. We drove it toe Dead Horse Beach in Salem, MA and met up with our instructor, Odessa, from SUP East Coast Style. The waves and wind were a bit rough (due to hurricane Isaac perhaps?), but we were determined to get some Sun Salutations in on our paddle boards, so we soldiered on. Odessa was a great instructor. She led us through some Sun A’s and Down Dogs as a warm-up. Surprisingly, the Warriors were difficult and our boards wobbled in the wind and waves. Bu we held strong and flowed through on that beautiful day. Onlookers were curious about what we were up to and they watched us flow through Bridge Pose, Wheel and even Pigeon (which felt great as the cool water crashed over us). Lastly, we challenged ourselves to try some inversions like Dancer Pose (go Laura!) and Tripod Headstand (that was intense!). Thanks to SUP East Coast Style for an awesome day. We will definitely go back to try their evening classes to catch the sunset during a watery yoga practice. Namaste.




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