Goodbye Stage Fright, Hello “Sun”–New Album From Cat Power

I saw Cat Power back in the early 2000’s at the Polish club-turned-hip-music-venue Warsaw in Greenpoint.  Chan Marshall was  late getting on stage.  She hardly spoke and hid behind her long brown hair.  She sat down, angled her chair a bit away from the faces in the anticipatory crowd, tuned her guitar a bit, and proceeded to play shyly and almost inaudibly.  She was pretty much playing with her back to the audience.  Frustrated, we walked out after about 10 minutes.

Somehow though, Ms. Marshall has cut her bangs and come out from behind her curtain of fear, emerging with a bold, ‘here-I-am’ new album.  It’s funky, filled with beats/effects and best of all, confidence.  What a great album to listen to as you salute the end of summer.  So take the top down off your convertible (a figurative one if need be), remove your sunglasses and let the “Sun” shine on your face while you rock out Marshall’s debutante-like debut. (NPR is streaming it here).   Her tour kicks off in October, so hopefully if you get to see her live, you will not have to watch the back of her head bob up and down as she plays, because if this album–and the soon-to-be success of it–has any influence on her, she and her music will be front and center and not hidden in the shadows any longer.


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