You Are What You Hear


Music inspires us. It motivates us. And in many ways, music can define us. Do you remember the first record you bought? How about the first concert you went to (mine was NKOTB)? And what about the first song you heard when you experienced your first kiss? Put all of those songs together and you pretty much have the soundtrack to your life? Pretty interesting stuff, if you sit down and think about it (preferably with headphones on).

Well, the clever folks over at NPR have devised a sort of analytical way to evaluate the music that you hold most dear with their “Six Songs of Me” challenge.

So take a trip back in time and learn what your favorite music says about you. You may discover that the meaningful songs from your life can be more than just background music, they can be the impetus for turning the speakers up to 11 in your every day life. Let the songs that inspire you re-spark those old feelings of love, ‘first’ times and enjoy that hard-to-describe feeling you get when you hear music as it plays from open windows once again.

DDR will post our results after the weekend.


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