The Olympics Are Coming! The Olympics Are Coming! (And Bringing Kickass British Music With Them)

If you haven’t heard of MUSE yet, you will (and really, if you haven’t, you should be tarred and feathered, because they are one of the greatest live bands out there right now).

The hard-rocking three-man English rock band has written an inspiring ditty that is serving as the official song of the 2012 London Olympics.  And in true MUSE fashion, it’s big, it’s loud and it’ll blow your speakers apart.

Another one of the greatest live bands out there right now (DDR went to see them this past summer at the Paradise rock club in Boston), Elbow, has penned music to promote the Olympics.  And if you haven’t heard this music already, you are obviously spending more time with your pet rock than you are as a contributing member of society.

The opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics kick off tomorrow.  Bravo to the Olympics planning committee for putting a modern spin (no offense Paul McCartney, but you’ve had your day in the sun–times ten) on the games.  Let’s hope the U.S. follows suit and decides to honor real, hard-working, innovative bands if something of this caliber comes stateside (Frank Ocean, perhaps?).  Maybe, just maybe, he could perform at Justin Bieber’s retirement party–wouldn’t THAT be an Olympic even in itself?


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