Attack on Yoga Instructor in D.C. Opens Up Old Wounds Surrounding Hate Crimes, Personal Safety

The news reported that a yoga instructor was attacked last Saturday night in D.C.  hearing this news makes us angry, frustrated and confused.  Are we really still living in a world where it’s not safe to walk down the street holding hands with someone of the same sex?  Can we really not feel safe at night in certain neighborhoods?  This may all sound naive, but, I’m a yoga teacher.  It’s my job to see the best in things, to let in light and to try to extend an olive branch to my student of these things, so that they may feel lighter, let go a little more and be able to breathe a little deeper.  So it really hits home when I hear that a fellow yoga teacher has been the victim of violence and quite possibly, a hate crime.

It’s shocking and sad when anyone is the victim of such violence.  It just really hit home when it’s someone who works to spread positivity, light and more specifically, prana, (breath, life, vitality of the spirit).

It is difficult to know what to say when things like this–and the horrible CO events surrounding the”Batman” premiere–happen, but the best thing we can do is STOP THE CYCLE IF NEGATIVE energy.  If  you think something negative or if you are about to say it, don’t.  What happens when we stop, breathe and try NOT to think/say/do something negative?  It stops the cycle and hopefully ends the domino effect of negativity that can transform our world into a chaotic, unsafe world filled with distrust and anger.  And if that makes me a positive-thinking “hippie,” than so be it.  I’ll just tie-dye myself in happiness.  But first, I have to start putting those dollars in the old-fashioned “swear jar” every time I think/say/do something negative.  Hey–at least it’s a start.  And maybe I’ll have enough money saved up to go on vacation (or a yoga retreat), which is a sure-fire way to instantly erase all bad feelings.

On that note, DDR is giving a sincere Sun salutation to the yoga teacher in question, Michael Hall, for coming forward and bravely telling his tale.


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