Yoga and Business: Don’t Forget to Breathe in the Board Room

I recently came across this interesting article, “10 Things Yoga Teaches Us About Small Business.” And with all of the economic stressors that people are feeling–especially small business owners–it’s a timely and poignant read.  Even the business of yoga can be stressful.  It’s tough to sell the product of wellness when the people coming to you are so frazzled all you can see is a distressed customer.  I know the feeling–I’ve been teaching at a local Boston studio and when I check people into class, boy, is it stressful!  I know how they are feeling too (I’ve been late to my share of yoga classes).  But the best thing to do is to breathe…because while we’d like the computer to move more quickly, it is not going to, it’s going to process at its own speed.  So with a little effort (or maybe some jokes to tide your customer over), stressful business situations can be approached with a clear mind.  All it takes is a little bit of effort to slow down, which is something we could all use more of.  And if you think all of this stuff is just hokey hog-wash cooked up by a bunch of Om-ing hippies, try this: imagine you are in the Matrix and the world is rushing by you a million miles an hour.  And all you have to do is stop and take a few breaths and just reach out, extending your arm to grab whatever is flying past you.  Because if you’re flying too, you’ll never catch anything.  And if you haven’t seen the Matrix (it’s got some pretty deep yoga undertones), stop what you’re doing, lock the conference room door and hack the company’s TV so you can stream it for your own viewing pleasure. “The answer is out there, and it’s looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to.”


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