’50 Shades’ Boosting Classical Music Sales


A recent NPR article reported that fans of the popular erotica novel (which, out of my own personal protest for all things too trendy, I have yet to read) are attracted to the classical music the characters in the book listen to. So turn off your Spotify playlist for Sir Mix-A-Lot (even though everyone knows big butts don’t lie), and get ready for some “sexy time” with the likes of Chopin and Mozart (the male lead in the book apparently likes choral music by composer Thomas Tallis). I don’t know about you, but ascots and white wigs really turn a girl on!

Besides, while I am excited for the writer’s overnight success, you can’t help but wonder if instead of attributing her inspiration to the ‘Twilight’ trilogy, she should be sending a thank you card (and a cut of those royalties) to Bret Easton Ellis, whose original idea of an S&M-loving, power-hungry exec with a penchant for ‘classy’ music.


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