Can Shaq’s Yoga Power Help the Celtics Maintain Their Winning Streak?


Super Gumby (he’s big, he used to be green…just go with it) Shaq does yoga. As the NBA reported in 2009, the big lovable former Celtic practices yoga to stay flexible. Can Shaq channel his yoga power to help the Celtics score another win? Let’s hope so.

In the meantime, DDR is practicing our yoga ‘fire breathing,’ as the finals games are becoming real nail biters! So grab your tissues (you’re going to need it for the alternate nostril breathing–but hopefully not for the next match-up with the Heat) and try these yoga breathing tips that are sure to relax your nervous system. Go Celtics!

And if the Celtics play with better skills than those used to make this hack-job photo of Shaq practicing Tree Pose, there is no need to worry at all!


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