Happy Anniversary ‘Star Wars’


Today marks the 35th anniversary of the greatest movie ever made. And if you only get your news from your Facebook feed (it’s true, people have admitted to this), you would know that ‘Star Wars’ came out in theaters on May 25, 1977.

If you a not a fan of ‘Star Wars,’ you have no soul. For years, I wore the cinnamon bun hair style to school and sat for hours in my rom when I was young, sketching my favorite character, Boba Fett (seen below, my rendering of him with colored pencils).

And when a bunch of us went to go see the horrific prequels, (if you liked Jar Jar Binks, you either have no soul or you were born after 1985) my friend made an awesome Chewbacca cry as the curtain raised for the opening credits.

There is no denying that SW had a lot of yoga influences and nuances. So in honor of this special day, we present to you DDR’s Top 7 (in honor of the year the film came out) list of ‘Star Wars’ connections to yoga:

1. The first (and most obvious) evidence of this is Yoda. Aside from his not-so-cryptic name, he spoke with infinite wisdom and with the kind of riddles that only someone who could interpret the writings of the the author of the Yoga Sutras (the original source of yogic wisdom), Patanjali.

2. Obie-Wan Kenobi: I think the brown robe, cut straight from organic fabric that was obviously made from bamboo is the dead give away.

3. The Force: A true yogi knows the power of good (the 8 limbs of yoga lay out the path to ultimate Samadhi or TK) and evil and s/he knows that the only way is to follow the path of practice (asana) and mental focus (meditation).

4. Princess Leia’s curves: you don’t think she got those gams from drinking with Han Solo in the TK bar, did you? No. It took hours and hours of sweating during her yoga practice on the hot surface of Tatuine to get toned.

5. Darth Vader: this one cracks me up. Because whenever I teach a class and I am explaining to my class how to do the Pranayama yoga breathing, I just tell everyone to try to breathe like Darth Vader. Works every time.

6. Ewoks: perhaps you know (and love) a certain sweaty yogi who is covered from head to toe in fur next to you in the yoga studio?

7. Jedi training. I don’t think I really need to explain this one. But just for kicks, Start by thinking of your favorite yoga pose and how badass you feel when you do it. Now think of a yoga pose that you have had a hard time mastering. Keep getting back on your mat to practice. And know that it’s not about mastering the pose, but the process to get there. You can pick up your Jedi training graduation certificate on your way out of the yoga studio.



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