Wake Up to a Different Point of View

Not everyone can wake up to this view. You step out onto the wrap-around porch, arms outstretched, and take in a deep fresh breath of the intoxicating mountain air. There is no one around for miles. No police sirens. No pushy pedestrians. No one to encroach on your perfect wave length of nothingness. You can be selfish or self-less, the choice is yours. All yours.

But not everyone can wake up to this everyday. Many of us live in crowded cities or even crowded spaces. With loud neighbors and loud kids. People that need our attention when we only have one eye open. There are jobs to go to, ‘to do’ lists to tackle, and lives to live. As crazy as the roller coaster is, we are on it, and while we like it or not, we chose to pay the entrance fee.

We are up in the mountains of Vermont visiting friends this weekend. They own a lovely home with picturesque views. We woke up every day to glass doors that opened up to heaven, just beyond the veranda. I’ve never seen so many Monarch butterflies up close. A hawk circled above us n our drive in; he was so close we could make out the grin on his face as he sought out his breakfast. And there was a magical moment when we spotted a Lunar Moth that was attempting to make its way into the house(an ironic turn, if you will, of the very object of nature trying to enter the confines of structure and all of our things and possessions, which some say hold us captive). The most beautiful moment came when one of us suggested the moth was the spirit of this one girl’s recently passed mother, who was described as a free spirit, someone who wanted to escape reality and just ‘get away.’ Transform into a butterfly maybe? Perhaps.

Entering the grocery store in this quaint little town, we were greeted with smiles and wide eyes. It was Customer Appreciation Day, although we got the feeling that Vermonters show appreciation every day. They handed out free candy and popcorn (and water) and we felt welcomed. I couldn’t help but wonder, while Bostonians are a cool breed, why we sometimes come off as too cool (icy perhaps) to our New England neighbors. Crowded by tall buildings, smog and loud noise, we sometimes feels encroached upon and unable to outstretched our arms, spread our wings and fly. But could it be that we are simply creating a mental cage for ourselves? Taking just a few seconds to conjure up a little piece of heaven, amidst the crazy chaos and construction site-like lives that we live, wouldn’t it be the most wonderful transformation, if we could just stop for a second and conjure up a flutter of peace, a tiny smile, a wide-eyed view of the world for ourselves every day? While we may not have the opportunity to wake up to stillness, could we not simply create it in our hearts, our minds and our dreams? Even if we need a little help by using inspirational images and descriptions of such moments on the screens of our iPads/iPhones/iEverything to help us get there?



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