Smoothies to Soothe Migraine Sufferers

Migraines suck. My favorite cure for them? Yoga inversions like Tripod Headstand and even just hanging upside-down anywhere I can (I’ve done headstands in parking lots before out of desperation, so here’s hoping Santa brings DDR a yoga swing this Christmas) help immensely.  But recently, I’ve tried this Lemon Berry smoothie that I found online.  It took some getting used to–buying all of these “exotic” ingredients at Whole Foods.  But some of them come in bulk (and I had a coupon for the Flax seed oil)–like the frozen wheat grass, which in an ironic turn, comes in this individual serving containers that resemble the BBQ/Sweet n’ Sour sauces you get at fast food joints like Burger King.  Plus, I added some Soy Dream (for us “lactards”) and whipped it all up in the Ninja mixer (easy to use–but watch out for those blades before you have your first cup of coffee), and it was delicious.  Now only if someone could figure out a smoothie that tastes like pizza, only without all of the fat, cholesterol and grease.  I wonder if they have a vegan/soy equivalent to Papa Gino’s scrumptiously greasy pies.




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