Yoga Helps with Writer’s Block…Just Turn Your Brain to the OFF Position


On day 8 of my personal challenge to listen to as many author interviews as I can (I am gearing up for a writing class that starts in a few weeks and I wanted to rev up the mental engine), I can across a cool tidbit from the Barnes & Noble interview with author Nathan Englander. Apparently, he has “become obsessed with yoga.”

Englander says, “If your head is spinning fast, it’s a really interesting challenge to try and do something physical….to try not to think for an hour.”

I couldn’t agree more. Now that I have more time to slow down (I drive to work instead of taking the loud MBTA bus) and I don’t feel as rushed during the week (I now work 9-5 and even though I was afraid about the switch at first, I’m lovin’ it), I find that I have more time to be creative.  I have started writing again.

I guess I thought that if I crammed my life with all of these “things” and I kept a really jam-packed “To do” list, I felt like I was doing something, that I was accomplishing something, by always having something going on.  But it wasn’t until I realized that I was doing things just to do things that I wasn’t doing anything for myself. I was just running around getting things done for other people.  And the yoga saying that if you don’t serve yourself, you can’t serve others, it finally made sense to me.

There was an interesting interview with guest Jonah Lehrer on “The Colbert Report” a little while back. And he talked about how and why we are able to be creative. You know that stuff about turning off your cell phone? Even just for one hour or one day? It works. Turn your mind off. And you’ll see that a river (maybe a flood) of ideas and inspirations now have room to flow into your heart and mind. Maybe that’s why so many of us love Svasana pose. You get to lay there and just “be.” When is the last time you did that? Even just 5 minutes. Take the time to do that for yourself. Lock yourself in the bathroom for a little bit. Close your eyes at the stop light (well, maybe for 5 seconds). Whatever it is that you need to do to slow down, do it. You’ll be surprised how calming-and inspiring-it can be. Now you’ll have to excuse me as I have an appointment with the shower. Now I just have to have the will power to leave my cell phone in the other room. Just kidding! Although a little bit of The Shins from my iTunes to start the day sounds good right about now.


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