Snooki Does Yoga. World Ends. The Return of the “Poser or Poseur” Segment

It’s time to bring back our “Poser or Poseur” segment. Ok, I’m guilty of watching “Jersey Shore.” Who wouldn’t? I watched “General Hospital” back in my day and it gives the same gratification as a soap opera–only with more fighting, falling and fussing (if that’s even possible!). So, is Snooki a Poser or Poseur? In this photo, it looks like Snooki is getting cues about how to put her hands into the mudra position (go ahead and insert your own joke about the middle finger here), with a pretty confused look on her face.  But maybe she is trying to use her pranayama breath to tune in to the life growing insider of her…OMG, I can’t even finish this sentence. You decide. Either way, Snooki’s baby is going to need a lot of support. It’s a good thing Snooki chose a nice neighborhood in Jersey City to settle down for her nesting phase of this pregnancy.  I’ll have to ask my good friends–who have the good fortune to live near all of the film cameras, paparazzi and reporters surrounding Snooki and her little Snookini with way more support than they might need–to keep their eyes out for any impromptu sidewalk yoga. You know how spontaneous she can be.  Here’s hoping her newfound fitness practices include a good old fashioned detox.


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