The Shins Played Wang Theatre Boston 5.4.12 (Pictures, Setlist, and Video)


The Shins came back to Boston on Friday night for a sold out show at the Wang Center.  DDR was lucky enough to get into the show last September at Paradise before their excellent new album Port of Morrow had come out.  Now that we know the songs, James Mercer and co have gotten a lot tighter as a band over the last 6 months… too tight, some would suggest, so that the songs have become a bit sterile live.  I agree with that for sure, but the songs are still there.  James Mercer could be one of the best American songwriters in the last 10 years, and the Port of Morrow songs are no different.  “Bait and Switch” and “The Rifle’s Spiral” are great examples and they are great live tracks as well.  Even better were the deep old tracks.  The Shins make a point of playing pretty much everything in their catalog at live shows, and that is a good thing.  Opener “Caring is Creepy” and rocker “So Says I” are great classic tracks that had everyone signing along.  While the September Paradise show was better, this was still a great representation of all of the great Shins songs and the talent that is James Mercer.




Caring is Creepy
Simple Song
Bait and Switch
Pam Berry
Phantom Limb
The Rifle’s Spiral
Saint Simon
No Way Down
So Says I
Sphagnum Esplanade
Kissing the Lipless
Mine’s Not a High horse
It’s Only life
New Slang
Sleeping Lessons

September (James Mercer Solo)
40 Mark Strasse
Port of Morrow
One by One All Day

Bait and Switch:

Pam Berry/Phantom Limb:

So Says I:

Kissing the Lipless:

September (James Mercer Solo):


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