Sweating for a Good Cause…Yoga Reaches Out 2012 a Huge Success Both On and Off the Mat

We have some good news for The Patriots…There was a lot of positive energy bubbling inside the dome of the team’s practice field at Gillette Stadium yesterday at the Yoga Reaches Out event.  Over 800 yogis came to their mats to celebrate their collective fundraising efforts to support the Yoga Africa Project and organizations like Children’s Hospital.

YRO saluted the hard-working fundraising yogis with yoga classes led by local star teachers such as Jacqui Bonwell (who gave birth just 8 days ago!), who led a flow to songs by the likes of Jon Hopkins and Stevie Nicks. Ms. Bonwell gets our salute for using cool music.

Baron Baptiste made a cameo appearance after a brief screening of a film on the Yoga Africa Project (which he is highly involved in), leading the class in a tough core-focused class.  It was fun, but this yogi wishes it wasn’t scheduled right after lunch, ugh! Boat Pose isn’t exactly an ideal position (laying on your stomach) after eating the vegan chili, and meatless jerky. and non-dairy soft serve from the Like No Udder truck that was parked outside the field house, where the festivities were held.

It was a day to also salute brave kids who battle diseases like autism, like the son of Kerry L. Walsh, the keynote speaker who fought back tears to tell her son’s battle and discuss how yoga has helped him find strength–on and off the mat.

lululemon rewarded the teams who raised money in support of YRO’s various charitable efforts by giving away free yoga mats, water bottles, blocks and snacks in goodie bags for everyone.

The day ended with some AcroYoga and a series of trust-based yoga poses–we stood up and sat down (10 times!) with our partners, using only our interlaced arms and standing back to back.  It was a true learning experience and with our hearts (and bellies) filled with hope, we OMed loudly (Baron said “give me a 10/10,” but I shouted “It goes all the way to 11.”), leaving the room filled with hope and a new-found feeling of a “can” attitude. We know that YRO will spread the positive energy and go out and make good use of our hard-earned fundraisers efforts.  Let’s also hope that the Pats can take advantage of all of the good vibes that we left swelling in that dome.

Best quote of the afternoon? “Yoga stretches not only the body, but the mind.” And my personal fave from Back Bay Yoga’s owner/teacher/Beastie Boys fan, Lynn Begier: “She your booty. Use what you got while you’ve got it!”


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