Let Jim Morrison Help You With Your Handstand

I overcame my fear of letting my feet leave the ground yesterday at a fun inversions workshop at Yoga Power in Waltham, MA. You’d be surprised how many “Thank God I have good health insurance” thoughts and vivid images of various injuries I had in my head when trying these poses (knocking my teeth out, kicking through the wall, falling straight on my back and knocking the wind out of myself when I was trying each of the inversions): basket headstand, classic handstand, handstand with one hand on a block, handstand while kicking up with BOTH feet, tripod handstand using as few finger son the mat as possible, forearm stand and even trying all of them AWAY from the wall).  The best advice we got?  Force yourself to fall (safely, into Wheel pose).  Feel what it is like and then you won’t have to wonder (or create psychotic scenarios of yourself being rushed to the hospital wearing an old, worn out non-flattering leopard print thong; it did happen to my roommate in Brooklyn and that was one of the scariest parts of her experience–not the fact that she had to go to the hospital–but then again, she fell asleep on the toilet after one really late night and she ended up getting sciatica, but that’s another story).  Use Jim Morrison’s motto and just “Break On Through to The Other Side.”  Oh yeah…and NEVER kick up into a headstand.  Squeeze your inner thighs together and lift both legs simultaneously.  Pike it up, baby.  Crank The Doors and use that core strength.


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