DDR Joints the Regretsy Party–Loving These DIY Yoga Accessories

We may be late to the party, but we brought some “aired out” wine (corks are for losers) and a container of gently used (it’s best served room temperature) hummus.  Sound delicious?  Then you’ll love Regretsy.  Honestly, I can’t get enough of this hilarious web site.  From the expose stories on faux eco designers to the mummified cats (cringe!) and the creepy (creative?) sales tactics practiced by people trying to hawk worthless action figures…you’ll be hooked for hours.  It’s one enlightening/disgusting/”I’m been on such a long ‘Hoarders’ marathon, my house is starting to look like it should be featured on the show”-type journey that you will never be able to erase from memory.  Try it.  And then try peeling yourself away from the computer long enough to pay your bills/have meaningful relationships/regain your humanity.  It’s pretty tough not to spend the next 12 hours fishing through the site for gems like this one:

Fluttering Free Adjustable Utility Belt

Personally, I love this item.  I could carry my Buddha Balm, car keys, incense and lighter in there.  And I wouldn’t have to carry a big bag into yoga class.

But then, I may be confused with a WWF wrestler from India.  Which could be bad.  or good.  Depending on what kind of neighborhood the yoga studio is located in.  Actually, we just wanted an excuse to find an excuse to write about Regretsy.  Which is why this post is so short.  We have some shopping to do.  Some ‘regrettable’ purchases actually.

And it’s way funnier than those hokey “used yoga mat” posts on Craigslist.  Just sayin’.


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